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Digital Transformation 3D Solution

Microsoft in Health


As a 2017 directive, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella underscored a company-wide emphasis on solutions to help customers through the varying stages of their own Digital Transformation.  In this major shift from product-focus to customer-focus, Microsoft stressed four key pillars: Engaging customers, Empowering employees, Optimizing operations, and Transforming products. 

While every industry has its own specific issues and needs, the Healthcare sector is both content-rich and widely searched.  If its vast information is not well-organized, users simply will not benefit. Microsoft’s EPG (Enterprise Partner Group) team asked Vertic to create a solution that would transform their customer communications to facilitate a shift from mere engagement to mutually-rewarding entangled relationships, especially on behalf of their enterprise sales force. 


Vertic designed a 3D solution as a presentation tool with a level of visual impact that literally changes mindsets. This equipped the field sales team with a new way of talking about Microsoft solutions-- fostering one-with-one communications, in contrast to the traditional one-to-one customer conversation.

By showing how Digital Transformation applies to a specific industry, the 3D presentation also organizes content for an individualized user experience-- a core principle of Entangled Marketing. The solution now functions as a greatly-used ‘hub’ that houses all content for Digital Transformation in Health. It is fueling an increase in Microsoft’s 'Share of Life' with customers, as well as becoming a key resource for the field sales force and other partners.


As users explore and enjoy the content, there’s also been a 20% conversion rate to “actionable events” like whitepaper downloads and video views. This communication platform is demonstrating that Microsoft can make a difference in user involvement with an intangible and highly complex value proposition like Digital Transformation.  It also enables field sales to have more productive conversations with better-informed customers who are now open to understanding the benefits of new Microsoft solutions.

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